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Good Tern Natural Foods Co-op and Bagels


The Good Tern Co-op offers all of the products you’ll find at a supermarket with a focus on local and organic. Our product mix is carefully curated to ensure the items on our shelves align with our buying policy of offering local, organic, healthy food.


Our produce department offers a beautiful array of fresh, organic, seasonal fruit and vegetables all year round. We’re so committed to local that we even source locally grown greens in the dead of winter. Grab a bag of King Hill carrots, mushrooms from Oyster Creek, or microgreens from Morning Dew Farm.


Maine is home to an amazing number of craft breweries and the Good Tern carries an awesome selection of these locally made beers. Stop in to see what’s new in our cooler or browse the wine selection for a bottle of red, white, or sparkling.


Our Wellness department offers a well researched selection of vitamins, supplements, natural care and cleaning products, and many other essentials. With a dedication to showcasing local products, we carry a large selection of Avena Botanicals, Trillium soaps, and other wellness products made right here in Maine.


The Good Tern Co-op Cafe and Hole in the Wall Bagels serve local coffee, made from scratch sandwiches, salads and sweets daily. Bagels are made and baked fresh in-house each day. There is seating available inside, at outdoor picnic tables, or you can grab some take out. There’s always vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options at the Good Tern. Hot items like quiche, breakfast sandwiches, and lunch items can often be found in the warmer. Our grab and go cooler has a selection of sandwiches, spreads, and salads.


You’ll see how much we love local at the Good Tern in our meat & dairy section. The Good Tern offers local, organic, pasteurized and raw milk, cream, yogurt and cheeses from Maine farms including Misty Brook (A2 Jersey), Tide Mill, Milkhouse, Swallowtail, Coppertail, Lakin's Gorges, Harmony Lane and more. We also have a wide selection of dairy free alternative options. Our amazing selection of local chicken & meat includes products from Tide Mill Farm, Misty Brook, A Small Good, Caldwell, Green Meadow, Wee Bit, and others, both fresh and frozen.


Good Tern’s bulk section offers so many healthy, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and flours and saves you money over pre-packaged versions. Bring your own jar to fill with jasmine rice, oats, or dried beans. We also offer bulk olive oil, honey, maple syrup, and many other staples.


You’ll always find frozen, organic, wild Maine blueberries in the Good Tern’s freezer section. Looking for frozen veggies? Gluten free bread? Organic, vegan ice cream? We’ve got you covered! And don’t miss our frozen, local, organic, pastured chicken, beef, and other meats.


We strive to provide our members and patrons with high-quality and fairly priced sources of food and health products.  We are committed to providing whole and healthy food choices to the public as well as our members.


A co-op is founded and organized voluntarily by people who want goods or services provided to them through a democratically controlled enterprise. It is owned by the people who support the business, use it, and invest equity into it. The member/owners share equally in the control of their cooperative and generally meet once a year at an annual meeting. They elect a board of directors from among themselves and the directors in turn hire management to run the day-to-day affairs of the co-op. Owners invest in the business to provide capital (equity) for a strong, efficient operation. Any financial surplus from owner sales is returned to the co-op owners in proportion to their purchases or is reinvested in the business.


The purposes of the Good Tern Co-op are to provide a high-quality, fairly priced, cooperatively owned and democratically controlled source of food and health products; to educate and inform members and the community on whole food, health and nutrition, food sources, and food preparation; and to help further cooperative principles, democracy, and self-reliance.